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Euroscales aims to provide services that include design, manufacture and distribution of high quality industrial weighing scale systems. We manufacture static industrial weighing scales such as weighbeams and platform scales as well as the leading UK manufacturer of mobile weighing equipment that is integrated in to hand pallet trucks, powered pallet trucks and forklift trucks.

The mobile weighing scale systems enable companies to free up valuable floor space and make internal logistics cheaper and more efficient by reducing the need to double handle product. The majority of Euroscales industrial weighing scale range can be made for trade approved use that enables the scale weight to be used to invoice customers, particularly useful in parcel and transport companies.

Euroscales can provide a full service solution to specialist situations that may require one off bespoke designs in a reasonable timescale at a reasonable cost.

All Euroscales products come backed with a 12 months onsite (UK only) warranty parts and labour

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