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We can provide a regular check up and calibration service based on a 2 visits per year basis and including parts, the load cells and electronic pcb’s (but excluding batteries, thermal heads and damage beyond fair wear and tear).

We will also issue a certificate of accuracy (required if you are registered for ISO 9000 Status of machine 4:10 part 2 1987) at each visit.

This work will be carried out during normal working hours at your works at times agreed between us and if we have to take the scale away for repair we will loan you a basic weigh scale free of charge (subject to availability).

Euroscales only use fully traceable test weights to check the calibration of any weighing equipment we come in to contact with recalibrate where necessary and issue calibration certificates suitable for ISO9001 where requested.

If you wish to take advantage of a contract offer, simply contact us and we will get the wheels in motion to give you your first visit as soon as possible.

If, however you prefer just to have service work done as and when required, we will of course be willing to attend to breakdowns on a time and materials basis against your order number to us.

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