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Thor Forklift Truck Scale in Mild Steel R320 Industrial Indicator
Heavy Weigh Forks, combining time proven durable design with the latest innovations in industrial weighing. High Accuracy Scale 0.1% of the applied load with a Class 2 capacity 2500kg x 0.5kg graduation. Class 3 capacity 5000kg x 1kg graduation. (other display resolutions available) Supplied calibrated and ready to use, power taken from the trucks battery as to maintain a single charging routine.

The R320 is a digital weighing indicator that is fully trade approved under OIML to 4,000 divisions. The unit's software is run from flash memory and can be upgraded in the field using the rin-link connection. The programmable function key can be configured for any one of the built-in functions (Counting, Manual Hold, Peak Hold, Live Weight Totalising). The built-in RS-232 serial port is 15kV protected. Two isolated setpoint outputs provide for basic weight-control or level-control functions.

User friendly design places the indicator in easy reach for the operator with-out heavily infringing on visibility

Thor Forklift Truck ScaleAvenger R320 display unit


Display Performance
Resolution Up to 30,000 divisions, minimum of 0.25mV/division, 20 updates/second (Trade 4000 divisions at 0.8mV/division)
Zero Cancellation ±2.0mV/V
Span Adjustment 0.1mV/V to 3.0mV/V full scale
Stability/Drift Zero: < 0.1uV/°C (+ 8ppm of deadload max) < 8 ppm/°C, Linearity < 20ppm, Noise < 0.2mVp-p
Excitation 5 Volts for up to 4 x 350 ohm load cells (4 wire or 6 wire + shield)
A/D Type 24 bit Sigma Delta with 8,388,608 internal counts
A/D Conversion rate 20Hz with FIR filtering > 80dB
Operating Environment Temperature: -10 to +50°C ambient, Humidity: < 90% non-condensing
Display LCD - six 20mm high digits plus units and annunciators - LED Backlight
Setup and Calibration Full digital with visual prompting in plain messages
Digital Filter Sliding window average from 0.1 second to 4.0 seconds
Zero Range Adjustable from ±2% to ±20% of full capacity
Power Input
Battery Power taken from the trucks main battery
rin-LINK data coupling I.R. Data Coupling for optional rin -LINK cable (to RS-232 PC port)
R323 Extra Features RS-232 automatic transmit, network or printer driving
Assignable function key: Unit switching, counting, manual hold, peak hold and animal weighing.
2 isolated transistor-drive outputs
Battery backed clock calendar
Approvals OIML (TC6242, T6244), NSC (S420), CE, FCC, C-Tick
Weigh Forks
Load cells IP67 sealed stainless steel load cells—Flintec
Standard finish High quality paint finish in blue grey RAL 7031on contact surfaces
Construction 8mm thick Welded Mild Steel contact surface
Size Class 2A forks at 1150mm long (other sizes available which include 2B, 3A, 3B and long drop forks upon request)
Warranty 12 Months on loadcells
Cables Cabling, complete with Amphenol connectors
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